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When a person wears a ring that has the stone mounted in a prong setting, they will bump it, scrape it, nick it and snag it, throughout its normal life. Through these actions, the prong tips become thinner and gold hardens to some extent. As the metal work hardens, it will become more "springy" or have a great amount of rebound which will lift the prong tip off the stone. The stone becomes loose which further aggravates things. The stone will move in the seat which helps abrade the metal away. It will vibrate which will help to hasten work hardening. The side to side movement helps lift the prong tips from its surface. That works to make the stone looser.

Natural prong wear cannot be prevented (unless the piece is never worn), but it can be monitored. Prongs should be checked about every 8-12 months or at the first sign that the stone is loose. The old saying of a stitch-in-time, really holds true for jewelry maintenance. No one likes the surprise of looking down at their ring to discover that the diamond is missing!

For that reason, is offering a lifetime Jewelry Maintenance Program. Once a year you may send us your piece for its yearly maintenance & checkup FREE of charge! All you pay is a small shipping fee.

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