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Gemstone Education

Gemstones are much more then the colorful rocks that go into your necklace, rings, bracelet, or earrings. There are many different types of gemstones with formation and place of origin directly affecting the appearance of the stone itself. Let us share our wealth of knowledge with you in connecting your perfect stone to your life.


The carat weight of the gemstone itself is not always an accurate gauge to the size of the stone itself. It is equally important to take into consideration the diameter of the gemstone when it is viewed from above.

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The majority of gemstones go through an enhancement process in order to increase their appearance. If a gemstone does not need to undergo treatment as the color and clarity are already up to par than the gemstone will command a very high price. Some enhancements that take place are not in requirement of special care of the stone as it is a permanent change that takes place. Others, such as improvements to clarity require greater or less special care in order to avoid damage from taking place.

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Gemstones do not have an ideal “cut” that allows for them to reach their ultimate brilliance. In order to ultimately achieve even color, with the fewest inclusions, the gemstone must be cut high quality.

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The best value resides in the colors of gems and stones that retain slight traces of other colors, and that possess a high saturation of color themselves. Wonder Jewelers always promises to offer the highest quality colored gemstones that are available due to our stones possessing the qualities of intense color saturation, depth of tone, and purity of the hue. Treatment to enhance the color of the stone includes but is not limited to; heat treatment, oiling, waxing, dyeing, laser as well as other forms.

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Rarely does a gemstone exist that does not possess an inclusion. Gemstones without a single flaw fetch a very high price point, as they are extremely rare in existence. As the customer you attain real value when you find a stone that possesses small to moderate inclusions, as this is the type of stone that Wonder Jewelers retails. Similar to the process of enhancing the color, many gems are treated with colorless oil, wax and resin to downsize visible inclusions.

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It is important to understand that each gemstone has unique characteristics in order to know how to properly care for and maintain your specific stone.

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