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Metal Education

While Wonder Jewelers uses only the highest quality precious metals in their fine jewelry collection, we understand that the choice between the various metals can seem confusing. Each metal has its advantages and disadvantages. Read through this section to determine which metal is best for you. You will have to consider the characteristics of each metal, the price, and the care required to maintain the metal at its optimum beauty.


Platinum is our most popular metal for engagement rings and wedding bands. Platinum’s naturally white sheen will never fade or change color, and accentuates the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. Platinum will last forever, making it the ultimate symbol for true, enduring, and everlasting love.

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Unique in appeal and strong by design, tungsten carbide is a forged metal with qualities that will last a lifetime. Tungsten carbide jewelry is created from an alloy of 80% elemental Tungsten and 20% Carbon alloyed with other metals.

Wonder Jewelers offers two colors of tungsten carbide rings, a classic gray and a lustrous white, both of which will hold a permanent polish. Tungsten is exceptionally strong, hypoallergenic, highly scratch-resistant, and tarnish-resistant with a substantial feel in weight. It is ideally suited for someone with an active lifestyle.

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Almost all gemstones contain inclusions. Even those most highly prized have at least some inclusions. Flawless gemstones are very rare and very expensive. The best value is found in gems that are lightly to moderately included, like those in Wonder Jewelers gemstone jewelry. Emeralds are typically treated with colorless oil, wax or resin to minimize surface-reaching inclusions.

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Every metal has unique characteristics. Considerations in every day care, how and when you wear your fine jewelry, will dictate longevity. View our wear, care, and sizing page to learn more.

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