For nearly half a century, Wonder Jewelers has been specializing in the creation of the world’s most prestigious jewelry, combining contemporary design with ageless elegance. Four Generations of prestigious Jewelry creations and pristine diamond selection meets elegant modern designs; Our artisan craftsmanship is recognized and compared to the world’s finest jewelry. Here at Wonder Jewelers, it is not only the quality of our product that has earned us a name, but also our commitment to excellence in customer care.

Wonder Jewelers was founded during a time when personal interaction and individual attention was not just admired, but expected. It was a time when love began with courtship and a blessing. A time where a Diamond symbolized not only the size of your wallet but the commitment to your relationship. Over the years, Wonder Jewelers has never lost touch with some of life’s greatest virtues: gentility, honesty, humility, appreciation, and love. We can only hope that your Wonder Jewelers experience will stand as a reminder to savor the precious moments hidden in today’s busy world.

It is with this vision that we serve our customers with only the most beautiful designs, the finest craftsmanship, and the most personal attention. Our skilled team is continually being put to the test to ensure your happiness. Wonder Jewelers has become a globally recognized leader in quality and craftsmanship, and we vow to live up to that highest standard. Adjusting to a world of advanced 3D CAD technologies that also proved to be a major factor in improving our capabilities to deliver true customizable jewels based on customers request without compromising on quality and craftsmanship.

The Wonder Jewelers Difference

Clients buy their jewelry from Wonder Jewelers not because they seek a name to flaunt, but because they know the Wonder Jewelers brand represents only the highest quality of precious stones, the purest metals, and the finest workmanship in the jewelry industry. For generations our commitment to excellence, pride and strong connection to the jewelry trade allowed our family to establish a flourishing jewelry business. We hope our journey will continue years to come and will help your Love connection come to life.

Our Facility

Our facilities include a state of the art Jewelry Manufacturing Shop and a secure Diamond Cutting & Sorting House. All manufacturing work is done in house by our team of experts, from design concepts, casting, diamond setting and polish. Having internal production enables us to provide superior customer service to our retail store partners. Our factory has over 40 jewelers working to ensure that you will love and cherish your Wonder Jewelers piece for a lifetime.

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Product Variety

Wonder Jewelers creations range from the classic beauty of a three stone ring to the most intricate one of a kind designs, incorporating natural fancy colored center and accent diamonds, various shaped side diamonds and truly remarkable craftsmanship.


Professional Customer Representatives

Our staff consist our team of GIA Certified Gemologists that are waiting your call in order to provide you with a unique, Educational Jewelry Shopping Experience.